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Advanced Leadership Development

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Are you looking to advance your career? Such a path usually involves increasing your leadership development whether it's your own personal leadership or working to become a more formal leader of others and to excel at it. You may have heard it said, "Successful leaders are made, not born."
At Language of Leadership, LLC, that is more than just a saying; it's part of our mission statement--better said, successful leadership is a product of true development.

Join us as a free complementary member of Language of Leadership, LLC and receive articles, updates, and important leadership coaching tips where, as a partner in learning, we can learn from the experiences of others. Equally important is to share Language of Leadership, LLC with the leadership at your organization to advance the culture of best leadership practices. Below is an excerpt from one of our signature courses, The Magic of Empowerment.

Man making a business presentationThe Magic of Empowerment
Mark D. Campo

Empowerment has been defined as the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. It is the state of feeling and being self-empowered to take control of one's own destiny.

As such, it ideally emanates from the conscious choice of the individual seeking it coupled with a desirable management and organizational style which creates an environment that enables employees to practice autonomy, control their own jobs, and to use their skills and abilities to benefit both their organization and themselves.

Equally, true and effective employee empowerment authentically begins as an organizational strategy and philosophy purposely designed to encourage employees to make decisions about actions that relate to their jobs so they can own their work and take responsibility for their results.

Moreover, it helps employees to serve customers at the level of the organization where the customer interface exists.....

While authentic empowerment must begin first as corporate policy guided by its various forms and accompanying processes, without the abilities of leaders who know how to get out the way to unleash its power, for many, it continues to remain just a concept in a handbook. The more effective forms of empowerment are not always intuitively visible or even consciously recognizable as conduits for empowerment. As a result, the true leadership agents of empowerment generally are those that are hiding in plain sight.

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Upcoming Courses


2022 Fall Leadership Series” (call to reserve specific dates)

This initial virtual learning experience will take you from theory to practical application, from enlightenment to adoption, from application to transformation, ultimately changing the way you see yourself and those whose activities are positively influenced by your leadership. True empowerment of self and others is so much more than just overt actions that can be seen or heard. It also includes the invisible and the nuances of empowerment that are hiding in plain sight. The Magic of Empowerment leaves no stone unturned. NOTE: Each day listed consists of two 90-minute live webinars with a 30-minute break between them.


2022 Fall Leadership Series” (call to reserve specific dates)

The second course accentuates The Magic of Empowerment with a virtual exploration of the dynamics in Developing Emotional Intelligence. Considered to be one of the most critical leadership competencies across the social and organizational spectrum, this topic presents the traditional E.I. framework within a new perspective and with new language that gives greater form and meaning to its principles and promises.


2022 Fall Leadership Series” (call to reserve specific dates)

The third in this series speaks to the difference between simply having positional power and exercising authority positively and productively. It’s called Exercising Authority Effectively Within the Context of Authentic Leadership.
Although many advanced organizations and cultures to include those seeking the same status in establishing a new culture of learning and empowerment, old habits are hard to change, and new leaders with new positional authority often struggle with how to handle it.

Even those who are not new leaders, many still struggle with exercising their authority positively and productively. And while cutting-edge cultures, those committed to making learning, development, and empowerment high on their list of values, are working hard at it, somehow, best leadership practices consistently delivered, are still part of that struggle. At Language of Leadership, our focus is to help you turn that language into true leadership development that delivers enduring results.


2022 Fall Leadership Series” (call to reserve specific dates)

The fourth and final delivery of this leadership series further helps achieve enduring results as well as a sustainable culture of empowerment and performance. It’s called Building and Maintaining Employee Morale. To accomplish this, it’s important to first understand that achieving it is a process, not an event. In addition, the focus does not involve actions that zero in on group morale. Instead, success here must become an individual focus where the morale of individuals collectively translates into the group’s morale. Organizations do not get results; individuals get results. And it is the collective results of those individuals (working as a team) that make up organizational results. The nature of morale, with or without a best-in-class enduring cultural foundation, can fluctuate up or down. To endure and to mitigate the downs that come with the imperfections of human leadership, adopting the right process can make all the difference. Building and Maintaining Employee Morale is designed to provide you with such a process.