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Biography of Mark D. Campo

Mark D. CampoMark D. Campo has been a veteran professional in the learning and development industry now for over 29 years. His ability and expertise to illuminate learning and development content and provide proven actionable approaches to almost any leadership performance dynamic has made him a favorite with those who have been part of the learning experience under his guidance. Over the years, he has worked with and assisted over 350 client organizations in the development of their human capital, providing measurable improvement in performance, and has been honored by the privilege of significantly enhancing the desired outcomes in a large variety of industries.

Certified in multiple disciplines to include strategic development, personal productivity, team effectiveness, supervisory leadership, interpersonal communications, personal leadership, emotional intelligence, plus others, Mark has worked with clients in every occupational category across the organizational spectrum. He has an Honors BA degree in Liberal Arts from NSU (Louisiana) and an Honors Master of Science degree in Strategic Information Leadership from NDU (Washington, DC).

Mark Campo speakingHis work in leadership learning and development has placed him in the top 1% of his field, receiving numerous awards over the years for outstanding results in human resource development, with special recognition for his work in the field of supervisory leadership.

Additionally, his newest work is pending publication and is titled Society’s Most Overlooked Superheroes—The Incredible Power and Value of Professional Supervisors and Their Impact on Civil Societies. His writing and publishing calendar for the next two years will unveil at least two additional books on leadership development. In addition, as a certified Master Training Instructor and Facilitator in the classroom, he is also a Certified Virtual Training Facilitator.

As the creator of several leadership courses and workshops for face to face classroom dynamics, he has written over 25 virtual learning programs and has assisted thousands of virtual learners to improve their performance in the last several years. Over the span of his professional career, Mark has helped over 10,000 learners in both formats increase their performance effectiveness since 1989.

Here is a sample of comments from people who have attended his classes:

“Exceptional presenter with extensive experience.”
“Mark is able to make the material come to life.”
“Outstanding knowledge and facilitator.”
“Great presentation…very well taught.”
“Cares about topic and wants to help others benefit from the material.”
“Excellent presentation—Life-changing impact—Real World! Thanks Mark!”
“Well-paced, well-spoken, and held the class members’ interest.”
“Great course and even better presenter.”
“Great class!”
“Clear, concise, and very-well spoken.”

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